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Add 5 Things in Your Not-to-Do List and Become 5 Times More Productive!


How many of you are habituated to making long to-do lists every day? What are your reasons for making the list? Because you think you will forget to complete all the tasks? Ever thought of making a not-to-do list? Yes, such a list will help you in being more productive and more successful in achieving your everyday goals.

So, here comes the not-to-dos:

robaxin 750 mg tablet 1.   see url Multitasking
Probably you think that it’s the most difficult thing on earth! When was the last time you did not multitask? Probably you don’t even remember! However, it’s a fact that instead of multitasking, if you simply focus on one task at a time, you end up doing that particular task very well and on time! Alternatively, when you try your hands at two or three things at a time, all of them are implemented in a mediocre way! You neither derive any happiness nor a sense of achievement from it.

http://elmechstructuralengineering.com/category/internetweb-designflash-2/ 2.   Hold Grudges
Did your kindergarten teacher tell you that you must not make mistakes, or you have to repent for it? Let’s frame it properly now – mistakes are valuable and you do not have to repent as long as you learn your lessons well!

Learn from your mistakes and let go of your past! Harbouring a grudge will leave your heart heavy and there will be no space in it to embrace new opportunities. Let your past show you the way towards a goal without really defining your personality.

3.  Compare
Yes, it’s a good idea to compare gadgets or clothes prior to purchase. But, it’s not a good idea to compare yourself to your neighbours/ friends/ foes/ acquaintances. No two people can be the same and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, competition thrives on comparisons! However, try to limit it as much as possible and keep the competition healthy!

4.  Backchat
Sometime or the other, the concerned person will get to know that you have spoken about him or her behind the back. Gossips are unproductive and they create bitterness in and among human beings. If you don’t want to become a butt of jokes in future, stop gossiping right away! If you have to discuss someone, may be you can directly talk to that person about his follies rather than talking behind him. Focus more on productive discussions and you are sure to be highly respected in your friends’ circle.

Say ‘yes’ when you really wish to say ‘no’

Refusing may be difficult task but you will feel bad for a few minutes. After a while, you will forget about the entire incident! However, when you force yourself to say a ‘yes’ and then fulfilling that promise, you might feel bad for longer period of time – at least, longer than what you initially felt.

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