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According to this Interview Every Social Media person should have their own blog


The Question was : “Should every social media user/worker/influencer have their own blog?”

I got 9 answers :) I am really excited to write my first Interview with some of myFacebook friends who rock in blogging. I had initially written about the 15 Indian Bloggers from My Facebook Network that will shine in 2015

I will go with one by one:
1.Harleena Singh : She writes on Aha-Now

“Blogging is a social activity. It not only helps to leverage the social media, but acts as an advanced extension of social media. You can say it’s a social tool that enhances and completes your social media tasks. It helps to engage your social contacts, convey your full message, and achieve your aim. Having said that, it adds extra work and responsibility.”

2.Rohit Sakunia : He writes on Mission Sharing Knowledge

“All social media professionals should have a blog because their social media prowess is incomplete without long form blogging. Long form blogging and your ability to engage the audience on it will be a test and if you do that well, you clearly will lead on other networks.

Another reason is that on your blog you could be yourself unlike on the pages you manager or your own. Your blog is some place that is personal unlike the networks that you are managing that are being watched by many and you are an entity there.

Lastly if you continue to write long form content, it will always help you increased your writing and communication skills. Over a period of time you will yourself realise that you are getting better at writing and your argumentative skills are also increasing.”

3.Arpita Patel : She writes on Aps- The Muddled Utopian

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.—Flannery O’Connor. This is the main reason I write and I blog because I want the world to know what I think. Being a Social Media person means you love putting your thoughts out there and like to know what the world thinks of them, irrespective of whether they have a positive or a negative opinion about it.You’re strengthening your social reach with blog content and driving new website visitors to your blog with your social channels and reverse is also true so I love to blog”

4.Sneha Mehta : She writes on Life is Beautiful

“Blogs help you in developing your personal brand. No matter how good your twitter, Instagram or Facebook look, it is short-lived and doesn’t really develop an impactful personal brand. Blogs have longer shelf life. They can define you. If you want the world to take you seriously, to know that you exist. Blogging is must.”

5. Shaan : Gadget specialist

“Blogging is actually one of the very early form of the social media. The biggest difference between regular social networking sites and blogging is that blogs got huge visibility in the world of the Internet. Social media is limited to your friends, followers and in some cases, to their followers and friends. But blogs are universal and appear in search engines which helps you in reaching to more audience.So if you like to speak your mind, share your views and expertise then, blogging is the better option than social media sites. Having a blog also improves your writing skills, provides you more connection on social media and establishes you as a known face.”

6. Manoj Kumar Sethi: He writes on Blogs Zone

Yes everyone should have his/her own blog site. I personally experienced it through mine and realized its importance. This way one will get real time experience while working in his/her own site and thats how he/she can help their clients more easily and not by simply reading others article.

In current digital media marketing world, one has be very active socially and also should start learning other concepts as well: branding, analytics, and yes keep moving with more creative way, thats how you can save your own job :D and lead others :) This is the concept of Manoj Blogs Zone :)

7. NavNeet Sau : He writes on his Personal Blog

source url To Show the Expertise:

Having own blog or blogging on other social media or news publishing sites e.g. Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc shows the expertise of a person in a particular niche. When someone starts writing on their own or on guest blogging sites, readers assume him/her an expert in the field which increase brand recognition.

Social media marketers/managers shouldn’t only manage the social media presence of clients but also write about how social media, content marketing and digital advertising can help businesses to increase the online presence. Social media managers should share their experience about what works and what doesn’t work in social media.

Another really important trick I would like to share here that we should have a testimonial page on our blog where we can publish an embedded social media post [if we ask our clients to give a testimonial on social media network (An appreciate tweet, Facebook post, Google+ post & Instagram photo)] which is a robust social media proof of expertise in social media.

8.Anuj Prajapati: He writes on BeforeWorks

At the Starting Level every social media person should be blogging but with passing time they should make their own blog because their personal blog provides them their unique identity and they work hard when they make their own.

9.Sneha Kanchan : She writes on Love2Share

Yes every social media person should have their own blog. Now a days we have lots of Social media platforms where we can share our content, information and obviously generate REVENUE. By sharing or posting some information on the Social Media platforms, sometimes or when we are new to that platform we face difficulties. By doing some research on that issue or working for some time we get the solution to that issue.
And blog is the best place where you can share your points, your ideas and also share the process of resolving some issues which can help a lot to the other Social Media persons as well as bloggers.
Last but not least by Blogging you can create your Identity in the world of Social Media.

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