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A unique moment to say good-bye and welcome

Dual happiness has given a knock at the door of the world. I am getting married to history and the century is about to deliver its new baby. By now you must have understood who I am and who the new baby is. I am the bride ‘2014’ and the baby is ‘2015’. This is the most beautiful moment. I will take leave in the palanquin of the past and the new baby will arrive in the cradle of present. My farewell will be marked with welcome notes. I am a global citizen. People all over the world are making preparations for this special occasion. This is the time of celebration and merriment.

Perhaps, time has wings. I did not realize how time has passed so quickly. Today is my last day with you.  After marriage I shall be moving to my new house, which are ‘pages of history’. I feel very close to your heart as I have a long period of three hundred and sixty five days with you. Though I shall not be there tomorrow, I will be in your memories. We have spent quality time together. We have shared unlimited experiences.

The excitement of FIFA, campaigning for elections and success of MOM are unforgettable. Some painful events made me cry. The sad impression massacre in Peshawar will remain in my heart. The disappearance of Malaysian flight has left me puzzled. We have witnessed so many events that if I start mentioning the list may not come to an end. I am taking all those events and experiences as gifts to my husband’s house.

When a bride leaves her house she worries about the incomplete duties. I am quite lucky in this context, as ‘2015’ will take my place immediately. The destiny of a year is determined by the deeds and action done by people. My fate has been decided. What I saw or what happened to me is not important any more. The important thing is how you would give shape to ‘2015’. When a new baby is born in a family the members of the family give up their undesired activities for his comfort. What resolutions have you made for ‘2015’?

I want you to welcome 2015 whole-heartedly with an optimistic attitude.  To fulfill your dreams and aspirations is the ambition of ’2015’. This won’t be possible without your support. I hope you will cooperate with it and take your steps in the direction of success and prosperity.

Let me take leave now, as I have to get ready for my wedding.


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