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A Look Inside Myanmar’s First Real Year Of Democracy – 4


buy Lyrica 75 mg The 4th and the last part of Jack’s exploration of Myanmar’s first real year of democracy. 

jack 19

A young monk in Shwebo, stands outside a temple which was destroyed during the earthquake that shook much of Mandalay Division. Numerous homes were destroyed and a reported 12 people lost their lives.

jack 20

A double amputee begs during Ta-Zaung-Dine, or The Festival of Light.

jack 21

A fisherman has a moment to himself underneath Ubein Bridge.

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Foreign hikers take a break under a tree on the outskirts of Inle Lake. Tourists have flocked to Myanmar over the past year since the countries democratic reforms.

jack 23

A brick maker flashes a smile in the midday sun. These bricks are all made by hand. Whole families work together. The youngest members dig out chunks of clay, while the parents stack the hand molded bricks in the sun to dry.

jack 24

The last shaman of the Pa-O tribe. Although local villagers still turn to him for advice and the treatment of ailments, shamanism in Myanmar is gradually dying out.

jack 25

Children play along the Irrawaddy river.

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