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A license to kill


casodex 50 mg astrazeneca It took 13 long years to nail the culprit and the justice to be delivered and only couple of hours for High Court to free the convicted actor. The wheel has been set in motion again and Salman is back into the lap of luxuries and stardom. His surviving victims will continue to sit in the ‘handicap’ seat of a bus like they have been doing for the last 13 years. And for the departed, well, who’s bothered.

According the National Crime Records Bureau, over 2.78 lakh under-trials, many of them charged with not so serious crimes, continue to languish in various jails across India. Maharasthra alone has about 20,000 under-trial prisoners.

While lakhs of under-trials – who can be legitimately presumed innocent till proven guilty – are kept in hellish conditions of overcrowded barracks, a man convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder for running over poor people sleeping on a pavement roams free, as our celebrity lawyers decide to sell their souls one more time to rich & famous. I wish they ever used their fancy legal degrees to help those in need.

Going by Salman’s conduct during the period of trial, he should have been given harsher punishment. Our legal system has defended a person who for the last 13 yrs. has been toying with the system, being arrogant enough to miss out most of the hearings, trying to use false witnesses and even shift the blame on his poor driver Ashok Singh. Large hearted ‘being human’ Khan said he was not at the wheels. He does not even recognize the victim.

This ‘hero’ who is idolized by millions of fans stands morally exposed. For all his ‘Being Human’ bhaigiri, he is just a miserable drunk, animal hunting, women beating, drugged out, law abusing, intellectually depraved son of a rich & famous father.

In a hit & run case, a HIT can happen due to various reasons including elevated levels of alcohol in the blood. But a person RUNS when there are elevated levels of inhumanity and arrogance in the blood. He RUNS when he has confidence that the corrupt system will back him. He RUNS when he knows that his money and ‘Bhai power’ would ‘settle’ things.

It is a painful irony to see a macho star running from the ghosts of victims of a pavement dweller, one among many who are responsible for his stardom in the first place. Even more disturbing is to see a shit scared, spineless film industry running to absurdly defend the star who monkeys in their sub standard scripts to make 100 crore clubs.

An absurd argument from a bunch of losers, who watch his trash year after year after year, is that he has done charity work and donated crores in donation. Does the charity theory count when you drive drunk, run over people, shoot black bucks, abuse the women you love and exploit the system to freedom after killing a man? Dawood Ibrahim also must have got the idea now. I’m sure he must be thinking hard on being charitable for few years before he is forgiven and welcomed back in Mumbai as a hero.

I just have one question for the Salman backers who are upset about his conviction and want a much lesser term for him. What if the situation was in reverse and some other drunk driver had killed Salman on the road? Would they have reacted in the same manner? OF COURSE NOT. These very people would have demanded capital punishment for the person at the earliest. Media would have hyperventilated on this issue of national importance. Anchors would become legal experts and some even judges, to pass the sentence.

Dear all (I’m only referring to ‘aam aadmi’ here), film stars & other moneybags have been given a license to kill. Please take care of yourself & your loved ones because our system is too busy & star-struck to take care of you.

The ‘elite’ are ready to literally bulldoze everything in their path.



buy prednisone 20mg PS: I would like to make an advance request for donations to fight the case as & when Salman’s lawyers decide to sue me for ‘defamation’ of the superstar. Till that time I am available as a punching bag for his fans.

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