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A Confession of Love

As I sit back and think about you today, memory lane takes me to that day, almost 5 years ago, when I met you for the first time in that class in Hyderabad. It was a bright morning and I had walked in eager to meet the one I had heard so much about. A lot of people had been talking about you, your charisma, and your ability to heal and to enlighten. Frankly, it was not that I trusted you, I was just curious. You had sensed my cynicism, hadn’t you? I am sure you must have. Even then, you extended me a warm welcome on that day and on every day that followed.

As days passed, my skepticism melted and I faintly experienced the chemistry between us. It felt as if, we had known each other for ages. However, before I could fully understand the energy you brought into my life, our month long date came to an end. I left the city and though I missed you for a while, slowly I got busy with other things in life and the memories of the good time we spent together faded. I wish I had made efforts to stay in touch then. Nevertheless, let’s not talk about that – as you always say, “do not waste time on things you cannot change”.

A year passed – it was a nightmarish year indeed. A year that fragmented my soul and damaged my physical being. I knew not where to go, when suddenly you came to my mind. My heart summoned some courage to break the year long silence and shouted out loud, that it needed help, YOUR help. And so I came back to you again. No questions asked…you just took me in your abode. You knew it more than I did, that only you could undo the damage that my body, mind and spirit had suffered…only you could save my soul.

Though I sought your help, I did not trust you completely even then. May be because I was just exploring your outer shell then. Your inner layers were still not visible to me. This did not stop you from healing me. You first ensured that my health got better before you held my hand and guided me into the world that only you can help discover. I still remember those days when I would break down on the mat and you would give me the strength to endure all that I could not change. You held me gently every time I shed tears. I did not realize it then, but I know it now, that with every tear I shed, you ensured that I shed all my inhibitions too. I remember those mornings when you gave me the courage to feel live again, to summon my courage and start the day with positivity. Without you I would have been lost in the darkness of pain, self-pity and low self-esteem. You breathed life back into me. You gradually restored my faith in myself. You not only helped me pick up the shattered pieces of my being, but also made me fall in love with myself for the first time ever.

It is said, that the best relationship is the one where your partner inspires you to be your very best, challenges you to grow into your highest potential, and helps you become a better human being. I found that nurturing partner in you. People around me noticed this blooming relationship. They complemented me for the changed person I had become all because of you. Our relationship soon became an inspiring story for many, even without me realizing it completely.

We were made for each other people would say, but then I must confess, I took you for granted. I ditched you for dumbbells at times, went for runs with the treadmill not even looking back at you for months together, I played with Pilates while you calmly waited for me. But every time I came back tired and exhausted, you embraced me with an open heart and restored my body and my soul.

I owe you so much for changing my life, I am indebted to you for the unconditional love that you have showered, for the guide that you have been. With each passing day, as I get to know you better, my love, respect and trust in you increases manifold.

Even though it is said that every day is special enough to express love, I still feel like choosing this special day (International Yoga Day) to share my feelings with you and the whole world. In all these years that I have known you, you have become my passion. I know I am still not capable of giving you anything, I can only seek from you. So let me be mean today too. Since I have nothing to give, let me ask you for something instead….

Yoga, will you be my partner for life?

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