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A-B-C Of Networking


You are almost a star on Facebook and you are a superstar among your friends. You post a photograph and count numbers of likes and comments. You may be happy and many of you have already mentioned networking as your skills and hobbies. Personally I have heard many people in Interviews that they like making friends and networking through Facebook.

What’s the point! Who are they, you are making friends? Is they really worth in your professional life?

As an engineer how much value a doctor or a lawyer friend help.

here Networking:

Networking is a two way strategic process to create your own circle to add value to your professional life. The value could be a job reference, business initiative, suggestion on any topic or career or it can be participating in a debate you are interested in.

You need to create a group around you which belongs to your dream career path. Like if you are interested in Market Research, bring all market research people around you or if you are interested in supply chain then will a creative professional from advertisement make a difference. Think like this while making your group.

Maximum people do this mistake. They are confused about their career and just go on randomly increasing the number of contacts on their LinkedIn. Don’t forget classmates are always too much important for any network, because they personally know you and have a good knowledge about your capabilities. Any time their recommendations are valuable for your profile.

Networking can be done in two ways, Offline and Online. There are so many networking events happening in your city every day. Go for those and ask questions, discuss with a coffee or a red wine and of course ask for a visiting card. These people are very nice and don’t hesitate to answer if you have a nice out of box query about the topic. May be some other day in a different event you can meet the same person and can say a comfortable “Hi!”

go LinkedIn:

When you are going for a virtual platform, you need a strong base over it. Really I must say, when you are thinking about professional networking, LinkedIn is the most reliable platform to create a difference. If you are clear about your dream, be smart enough to enrich your contacts by adding real heroes of your industry. Each connection in your LinkedIn profile is your lead. You need to follow each lead before you approach them, their career graph, previous experience, sharing, comments and maximum of it.

go to site Now take a look how to be on LinkedIn..

1: Make your detailed resume on LinkedIn, include everything you have done in your life which can add value to your career. It can be your freelancing job, projects and of course if you have any online link for your project, add it.

2: Skills: find out your strong points and get recommended by your professors, friends and colleagues

3: Join groups of your interest; you can find so many like-minded people there, who will be happy to help you.

4: State your career objective clearly in summary section.

5: Follow companies about their job openings and entry level executives’ experience and common skill sets so that you can have a better idea of desired candidate profile for the position. It will always be a plus point for any interview.


Various job portals are main source to know about which company is hiring. If you follow a job portal aggressively, you can get list of few companies which keep on hiring round the year. Get the contacts of advertiser and make a call to the HR. Maximum time HR responses are like, “Send me your CV at….., If we find your profile suitable, we will get back to you”. Make sure you have given most of your profile headlines before hanging up the call and the HR can remember your name in time of the next follow up call. For a long term planning check out those HR managers on LinkedIn, it will keep you updated about their changes in designation and organization so that you can approach more effectively.

thuoc giam dau voltaren 100mg Read-Up On Linkedin 

On LinkedInToday you can have real time articles, case studies and discussions by many pundits of Industry. So, go for it. It’s not Facebook; it is always LinkedIn, your networking platform can give you a professional touch.

These methods will definitely increase your networking skills and surely benefit you in the long run. 

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