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7 Stages Of A Tam Brahm Life – 2


As promised, here I am back with the last four stages in a poor Tam Brahm’s life. Loved the fact that you liked the first part. If you aren’t dead yet laughing, this am sure would turn to be your laughing cyanide.

source 4. His Job Offer in the IT Company on OMR

His life transforms for the better, once he has a campus offer from an IT company and by the time he joins work, he realizes that this is far more fun than college. The company pays you to enjoy 5 months of honeymoon nestled in the quiet woods of Mysore with chicks sampled from all over India. This phase of life ‘transforms’ his national integration skills and helps him connect with his failed class 8 geography lessons.

He ‘transforms’ himself to be this night bird ogre who develops an intense fascination for foreign chocolates and midnight ISD calls with his officemates who seem to be enjoying a bohemian lifestyle in the name of an onsite trip!

can i buy Pregabalin in spain 5. His first and many Onsite Trips

No other event can transform the tam brahm as profound as an Onsite trip. They ‘transform’ to hardcore multi-taskers as they balance the support calls along with their las Vegas weekend trips. Even as they spend the time in the clubs in Las Vegas, their eyes are also on the Blackberry that reminds him of the tickets pending with his clients

The Tam Brahm who was conditioned and made to believe that Pamela Anderson was this lady in red, who appeared in TV, is now ‘transformed’ enough to believe that she can be his, for 10 minutes and for just 20 friggin dollars!. Now the Tam Brahm changes his stance and declares vociferously ‘I’m Possible’, from the loser line of ‘Impossible’

http://thermograve.co.uk/portfolio_entries/tool-making/feed/ 6. His admission to B school

After having spent the better part of a bohemian lifestyle in Phoren lands and wanting the same salary pay scales as his onsite salary, the Tam Brahm decides to ‘transform’ himself to a leader in a B-School.

Transformation’ is shown immediately when the dear Tam Brahm learns that life at a B-School is all about Managing relative competition. Competition is all over from Grades, bidding on electives, chicks, coveted million dollar jobs and even competition in standing for lunch.

The next ‘Transformation’ comes visible in his CV, during placement season when his core motto changes from “ Best Pay Packet” to “ Best Profile” to “ Decent Company” to “Job in Hometown”, across employers at the same instant in time.

7. His Marriage

Having got a good Job, a great B school on his CV, and a Green card, (apart from the free Red color ICICI card) he hunts for a bride with a few parameters which go pretty similar to the SQL query learnt in engineering

Choose female from ‘List of Iyer Brides” from “ Vadama Sub caste Only” living in “Triplicane/Mylapore/Matunga/Karol Bagh”, having Gotharam “ Kousika” and Nakshatram as “ Rohini, having dad employed in “State Bank” and Blah Blah Blah…….until he finds his ‘soulmate’ through the databases of Bharat Matrimony.

The Tam Brahm becomes a father, and starts behaving like how his dad behaved, so that he is accepted as part of the conservative society of Mylapore, and the same cycle repeats when next lineage of Tam Brahms are born!

And beyond that Life never “Transforms”, it only changes and then the Tam Brahm realizes that “Change“ is the only thing that’s constant in life. The problem is that law of diminishing marginal utility caused ‘transformation’ to seem like ‘change’ and after 20 years of marriage and 2 kids studying in the US of A, he gets back to agreeing with the Wren and Martin guide that Change and Transformation don’t seem to be different after all!

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