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6 Types Of Smiles & What They Say About Your Personality


Remember the wry smile of Monalisa smile in the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci?
For centuries, people have debated about its significance, and it’s not just the painting, our smiles actually speak a lot about us than we think they do. A smile can be heartfelt, or fake, and it’s not restricted to our mood, but they tell a lot about our personality. On World Smile Day, we bring you 6 types of smile and what they convey about your personality.

Let’s check them out:

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go to site 1st- A Gappy Grin Smile – Sensuality

It means having a tiny gap between your front two teeth, and such smiles are considered sensuous. The famous pop star Madona has a happy smile.

http://oceanadesigns.net/envira/brownie/ 2nd – A gummy smile – Innocence

A smile where you could see a bit of gum above the teeth is called a gummy or gingival smile. People with such smiles show childlike innocence in personality.


3rd – Wild Fangs in a wide smile – Dominance

Julia Roberts has such smile, where her fangs are wide like her smile. People with such smile show dominance in their character.


anafranil 100mg 5ml 4th – Bright whites in a smile – Perfectionism

Who doesn’t love a bright white smile? People with such smiles give an impression of perfectionism in their appearance and character, and they are most likely to succeed in life.


5th – One side raise smile – Judgy & Sarcastic

If Chandler Bing is the king of sarcasm, then so is the one-sided raised smile. People with such smile are considered judgy and they are known to be sarcastic in life.

6th – A straight and horizontal smile – Trustworthy & Sophisticated

A straight smile is perfect in all ways. People with such smile show sophistication in personality and are considered trustworthy.

So tell us what kind of smile do you have?

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