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50 Shades of Silence


watch Basic shades: Must know for all

  1. Silence is the mirth and playfulness, when long-lost friends meet.
  2. Silence is the consummation of the highest lust for life
  3. Silence is the comfort and protection under a mother’s glance
  4. Silence is the intuitive wisdom and guidance of a father
  5. Silence is the unfailing and unwavering support of a bro
  6. Silence is the untainted and unutterable joy of a five year old playing in a park.
  7. Silence is only truly satisfying vacation and weekend.
  8. Silence is the freedom of a pirate, without having to break any laws.
  9. Silence is the source of every creative act of scientists, painters and writers
  10. Silence is the perfect love, where the three, the beloved, the lover and the act of loving coalesce into one entity.
  11. Silence knows both that the oppressed and the oppressor are suffering and both deserve our compassion equally.
  12. Silence is the equal and balanced vision of all pairs of opposites, failure and success, fame and dishonor, life and death.
  13. Silence is dance without steps, music without lyrics and poetry without words.
  14. Silence is the party that never ends, the wine that never runs dry and the drug which keeps one permanently high.
  15. Silence is the true health and beauty, which does not diminish or fade with time.
  16. Silence is the valley of the dead into which all your worries, doubts, fears and defects are buried forever.
  17. Silence is returning wine for water, love for hatred, and sowing hope where there is fear and doubt.
  18. Silence is non-judgmental and non-discriminating.
  19. Silence is the all-embracing love beyond race, nationality or class.
  20. Silence is forbearance, fortitude and forgiveness.
  21. Silence is the realization that there is no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.
  22. Silence is the miraculous cure that heals  the incurable.
  23. Silence is repose during the most intense activity.
  24. Silence is being in peace, in the midst of war.
  25. Silence is being in the ever present now into which the past and the future dissolve.

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(others may think all this is nonsense, you are welcome for reading so far)

  1. Silence is the only true companion from beginning to end of life.
  2. Silence is the fulfillment of all desires.
  3. Silence is what we all most desire, yet we know it not.
  4. Silence is experiencing reality as it is, not as we want it to be.
  5. Silence is the most natural and true thing, as it is your very being.
  6. Silence is the seat of supreme power, which can be never taken away from you.
  7. Silence is the heart of every true religion.
  8. Silence is the highest form of prayer and sacrifice.
  9. Silence is both the good karma and highest dharma but is even greater than both.
  10. Silence is the imperishable wealth of king of kings, which can neither be stolen nor can rust or moth consume it.
  11. Silence is the only sure and permanent thing in an otherwise, impermanent world.
  12. Silence is pure awareness, which shines in the heart of all beings from the lowest to the highest.
  13. Silence is divorcing ego, marrying inner peace.
  14. Silence is the all-embracing view, where all, the saint and the sinner, the terrorist and the humanitarian are seen as equal.
  15. Silence is the goal of the yogi, where the object of meditation, act of meditating and the meditator merge into one.
  16. Silence is the repository of all virtues and is yet free of all attributes.
  17. Silence is the detached spectator, which witnesses all the manifestations and modifications of the mind.
  18. Silence is the goal in which all other goals are fulfilled.
  19. Silence is imperishable bliss, unborn and eternal.
  20. Silence is the supreme knowledge, to which concepts like time and space are mere trifling concepts.
  21. Silence is choiceless and effortless awareness
  22. Silence is the guiding light in a world mired in ignorance
  23. Silence is the protective armor which saves you from the cycle of births and rebirths.
  24. Silence is the adornment that shields you from all ills and sufferings of mundane existence.
  25. Silence is………..

buy a heart lyrics Note: 50 is left empty to describe, what means Silence. Silence is not mere external quietude of sound, but complete quiescence of the mind, free of clinging to thoughts that arise in the stream of consciousness.

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