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5 Rare Halloween Facts You Must Know About

Like most of the holidays that have earned their spot in our hearts, Halloween, much like a lot of festivals in India, has its roots in ancient beliefs. The dark, dreary history of Halloween hides many facts and fables. Here are 5 of such facts that you must know.


Dancing for ‘Treats’

Ancient Halloween tradition involved making you work for candies and treats. Participants would have to go from door to door performing a well-choreographed song and dance routines or a short skit in exchange for the much-awaited treats. A long way from simply knocking on doors!


Poor Man’s holiday

Today, we’ve come to associate Halloween as a luxe holiday with parties and Pumpkin Spice Latte. But back in the days of yore, beggars had begun the tradition of trick and treating. While pranks were far and few, asking for treats or money was how they started this tradition. They were eventually joined by wealthy children and thus the holiday became what it is today.


Jack-o’-lanterns…with Turnips?

Come October, we start seeing pumpkin everything. From lattes to soups to sweatshirts to carvings, there is no Halloween without pumpkins. But did you know this wasn’t always the case? The tradition of carving scary faces on vegetables originally began with the British doing so with turnips. Pumpkins came much later with the Irish and quickly rose to popularity because of lower costs. We don’t know about soups but turnip Jack-o’- lanterns would have definitely been scarier.


The Revenge of the Scorned Cabbage

Halloween was originally referred to as ‘Cabbage Night’ in a few American towns. This was so because of the tradition of Scottish soothsayer games that would include unmarried girls using cabbage stumps to predict information about their future husbands. Years later, teens started skipping the fortune telling and simply rejoiced in throwing cabbage at their neighbour’s houses.


Orange is the New Black

Come fall and we start seeing orange and black decorations to celebrate the Halloween spirit. This is no fluke. Orange is the colour associated with fall harvest and black is the colour of darkness and death. Put them together and you get the perfect combination for Halloween.

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