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With our little start up getting more real and serious everyday, we figured we needed the real funds to start coming in. A series of investor meetings started lining up – each one with a different outcome. Some great feedback, some good and some just plain “why are you guys wasting your time with this ?” Yes , some of the feedback did hurt but ‘just keep moving’ became our constant thought and action.

We all really got a pretty hard training in multi tasking and everyone started learning all the aspects of our company so buffering for each other became simpler.

Like most other start ups, we started with a sort of proper work schedule between two of our co-founder’s homes. The landlady of one started getting pretty annoyed with our odd hour entrances and exits into the building and eviction had become a threat – hence the shuttling between the two 😀

We hired a few interns through friends and acquaintances and more discipline kicked in as we realised we had new people to work with and believe in our dreams alongside with us.

We had lovely fresh minds working with us, and slowly but steadily there was a more systematic record of everything going on.

A quick bit of sad news but we shall jump right back to happy after that ! – our main marketing head had to leave coz her awesome creativity was more required somewhere else in that moment . She still gives us all the help we require and surprises us with brilliant marketing thoughts and ideas for OUWT every once in a while. 🙂

Back to the happy now – our founder gets married amidst all our our organised chaos ! <3

All the exciting details of that in our next post ! Sparkle away , #getOUWT and unwind till then. xoxo

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