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5 AAP Initiatives that are more impactful than its controversies


Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party very clearly understood that the electorate of this country, especially that of cities like Delhi and other urban areas care a hoot about anything else except development and governance. The party learnt that the citizens don’t care who runs the government till corruption doesn’t become a bottleneck in their work and development happens all around. Possibly that is why Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, both of whom are the current face of the government now, have not been seen jumping into the controversies of internal strife in the party. They have not been seen talking, discussing or coming out in open about Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav’s allegations. They are rather talking and possibly only working on DEVELOPMENT.

So is work happening? Yes it is. Do you know what all? If you don’t, here are some achievements of this 2-month old government that you should know and be happy about.

– Anti-Corruption helpline 1031: Arvind Kejriwal is possibly India’s biggest anti-corruption crusader or at least the most famous one. What he has done in his public life against corruption is worth complimenting. That is why it was only just for him to bring on a helpline to curb corruption in Delhi. This was one of the most successful projects of the 49-day government that AAP ran in its first Avatar. In the second one too, this is being touted as a massive step to curb corruption in the city.

– Minimum wage increase: An increase of 5% in the minimum wage for workers in the unorganized sector might not be much but for a start this will work to increase motivational levels of possibly the ones who need the most. For facts the minimum wages for unskilled category will be Rs 9,048 per month as compared to Rs 8,632 previously. In the semi-skilled category, the minimum wage of Rs 9,542 has been revised to Rs 10,010. For skilled labour, the minimum wage will be increased Rs 10,478 Rs 10,998.

– Electricity cuts in a manner that impact even the powerful and mighty: This is something that made me fall in love with Arvind and AAP yet again. I mean, when did we last had a leader who said if there is an electricity cut, it should hit me first then the citizen I lead. Good news is that the discoms have also been warned against higher power cuts.

– E-Ration Card Services: The governments have been speaking about this a lot. Unfortunately too much talk and less action has been a major part of Indian democracy.Delhi under AAP became the first state in the country to launch an e-ration card service. The scheme links ration and Aadhaar cards which would allow the beneficiaries of Public Distribution System (PDS) to get the cards online from the government’s web portal without much hassle.. The beneficiary can go to the portal of the department, and apply for the card.

– Swine Flu Tests Prices: One of the bigger challenges that Satyendra Jain faced after taking over office of the Health Ministry was the spurt in the cases of Swine Flu in India. As the demand increased for Tests, what came to be seen was that the number of hospitals that had the wherewithal of conducting tests were limited. Also the ones that did were charging a bomb (anything around Rs. 10000). The government sprung in action and initiated two more Test centers alongside fixing a fixed price for testing (Rs. 4500).

These were just five. Reclamation of hospital lands, setting up district committees to hear grievances of people on the ground and trying to tackle population in NCR alongside working on the ground to develop sports infrastructure are some other tasks this government has initiated in its short term till now.

I personally hope they work on these and if they do, I don’t care who leaves AAP and who stays. Till they keep the electorate happy, they are here to stay.

PS: I intentionally did not talk about prices of water and electricity. I think enough has been spoken about that already. 

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