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यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः (God resides there, where women are respected)


Why are we even talking about women empowerment and their safety in today’s time? Do we really need to speak on such topics that need an altogether 360 degrees of alteration? And why to consider such women issues when we certainly know there won’t be any change in these matters until and unless the change comes first from women only. Certain questions like; why I can’t do specific things in life? Why should I stop working after I become a mother or even before that? Why should I see women in advertisements and TV soaps taking care of their families? Why should I sacrifice and compromise on happiness when I am in those wonderful four-days of every month that makes me a woman? These questions are still unanswered because till now the women activists, media, experts in the field of gender were trying to answer. Now it’s time for women to stand up for their rights and think of living a life not like a queen but like a king. Society’s norms and cultures are for people.

Strangely only women are expected to follow those norms in society. Recently, the Delhi gang rape accused Mukesh Singh said that it was the victim’s fault that she was roaming on the streets of Delhi till late night. I interrogate him on this: Sir, with all the due respects to you for being so much inhuman with that girl, I hereby kindly let you know that streets is not your personal property and so not a girl. You did not give her the life and hence you were no one to take that away from her. Still you did kill her. Let me also tell you that you killed not only her but also her family members as without their daughter, their life certainly would seem meaningless to them. Killing doesn’t mean stopping her breathe but it means taking away her life even when she is breathing. This can happen only in a country like India where people rape a girl and then give such statements after that. Just imagine now the intensity of rapes taking place in our country where such people still exists, I bet even Nirbhaya won’t rest in peace!

Couple of days back I was attending a baby shower ceremony. All were happy as their astrologer foresighted a baby boy in the couple’s life. Rather than thinking about the ‘XX’ or ‘XY’ that mother was happy for her motherhood and it was clearly on her face. Although all were talking about a baby boy who was expected to come, she was busy feeling happy for her child; may it be a girl or a boy. This only a woman can do and so why not welcome if a baby girl comes in the house?

It takes only a few minutes to decide what work a woman can do and what she can’t. Let’s not judge anything or marginalize women as they too have abilities to flourish and obtain the highest positions in professional fields. The art of handling home and professional life simultaneously can be done only by a woman and which is a 24*7 and 365 days a year duty. Every person is unique in their own ways and still people have to categorize men and women differently. The need of the hour is to change the mind-sets of people and that lies very much in their own hands as no education can teach anyone how to respect women, how to not demotivate them and how to not generalize them. Still when I drive a car, people look at me astonished enough and sometimes even ask me, “Oh! You drive a car? You know how to drive a car?” And to that I always respond that yes, I drive a car because we are two sisters and my parents don’t have any son. So it’s my duty to be their son because according to this society, only a son can manage the house.

Stop generalizing women every now and then. I believe this is the real women empowerment. Let women take their own decisions, make their own moves and let them create a small world for themselves, as this can encourage them enough to have a healthy and a burden-less life. For women empowerment and safety, both the genders need to work as a clap will always need two hands! Let’s us join our hands this women’s day and keep a promise to ourselves that whatever happens, we will never take women for granted. We will never offer them a secondary position always, may it be at home or at workplace. We will never comment on their dressing styles. We will never stop them to have their own dreams and work for the same. And most importantly we will never ask them to be like a boy handling the house because women have capabilities to be the backbone of families and for that they need not to be termed as a boy/man.

source site Don’t fade away and shy out, it’s you who could fly out
People will say No to everything, still for years together you will remain not out
Lady you are not a man, says Apurva Purohit, from your mind cull that out
A teacher, a friend, a guide, a philosopher you are and it goes on through out
It is men dominated world, men rule and it’s their clout
Hence women empowerment and safety is still a doubt!
But Hey lady! You don’t worry just go out and flout
If anyone stops you, just turn back and shout “It’s my time now, it’s my time now”

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